Managementberatung Philosophie
The best offer of help is little useful, when the personal relation between client and consultant is not perfect.
We would like to introduce our philosphy of our business in advance

What you can rightfully expect from us

  • a high degree of identification with your business and your problems. Your problems will be our problems.
  • a high amount of availability and flexibility for your use
  • goal oriented solutions, which can be implemented, will be introduced and realized with your employees
  • large interdisciplinary knowledge
  • extensive personal management experience
  • social competence

What we can’t and won’t offer

  • consulting which leaves the business with implementation problems, while the consultant has already left for another job
  • sell patent remedies – such are not existing
  • blame management decisions
  • be comfortable and give the customer the feeling that he knows everything already
  • give suggestions on things which we haven’t tried ourselves or which we can’t properly estimate
  • offer qualified service and then send unqualified employees into the business
  • sell you more consulting than you really need
  • dictate what you or your employees must do